Los Últimos Días (The Last Days): An Epidemic Of Agoraphobia In Barcelona

Los Últimos Días (The Last Days) An Epidemic Of Agoraphobia In Barcelona, Spain

Los Últimos Días (The Last Days) is an intriguing Spanish post-apocalyptic thriller written and directed by the brothers David and Àlex Pastor.

Los Últimos Días (The Last Days) An Epidemic Of Agoraphobia In Barcelona, Spain

In 2013, a mysterious epidemic of agoraphobia – an anxiety disorder characterized by extreme and irrational fear of open spaces and crowded places, spreads across the planet.

The world changes dramatically: humanity has to survive living trapped inside buildings and  in the underground. In a post-apocalyptic Barcelona, Mateo sets off on a quest to find Julia, his girlfriend.

The directors David and Alex Pastor had already directed another good pandemic movie: Carriers. Los Últimos Días stars popular Spanish actors including José Coronado, winner for 2012 Best Actor at the Spanish Academy Awards, Quim Gutiérrez, Marta Etura and Leticia Dolera. And the movie has an original take: the apocalypse is triggered by something different than the usual post-apocalyptic events.

So, the premises are interesting. And I even read of references to 1962 Buñuel’s film The Exterminating Angel. Well, watching the trailer Los Últimos Días seems to be closer to post-apocalyptic Hollywood epic than Bunuel’s surrealism – but watch out for it, though!

The movie is going to be released in March 27, 2013 in Spain. The official trailer is available in Spanish only:

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