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PostApocalyptica: a new magazine on all things post-apocalyptic.

We talk about books, comics, movies, websites, events etc; fiction and non-fiction; dystopias, sci-fis, survivalism, and every other topic related to the end of human civilization, even if we tend to focus on what happens after the apocalypse.


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  1. Hi Marco,

    My name is Cameron Campbell, I’m the co-creator of a new tv show that I’m trying to get produced. It’s a post apocalyptic show about a small town that doesn’t get destroyed and goes on trying to pretend like nothing is wrong. Its a comedy, kind of a strange one at that but I think it’ll have a lot of appeal. Especially to people that frequent your site and are interested in that sort of thing. I love the whole idea, and all the themes. My wife told me about Wasteland Weekend when we were first coming up with the idea for this and I thought it was super cool. Anyway, I’ll get to the point, I was hoping you could post about our campaign, spread the word, and support my project in any way. I’m really trying to get a pilot made to get picked up by a network. I’m just trying to reach out to anyone with similar interests and try to get the word out. Thank you so much for you time.
    My Indiegogo campaign URL:
    Thanks again!

  2. Hi Marco,

    Came across your great site from your listings on imdb re post-apocalyptic movies.

    If I may I would like to introduce you to 54 days our post-apocalyptic psychological thriller about 5 people trapped in a small 1960’s shelter after a nuclear and biological attack. As food and water begins to run out they are faced with the impossible decision of either one dies or they all die..

    It’s a movie about the primal force of the survival instinct; how it so often over-rides the social and spiritual status quo’s and shows how bad preparation/preparedness only helps with the key cause to this driver.

    The movie twists and turns and has peaking emotional highs and desperate emotional lows and is a story of loyalty, deception and self-interest.

    As the writer/director of the movie I am delighted to say 54 Days is achieving International Film festival success winning 6 awards to date. Early critical reviews have also been very positive and our imdb user rating is hovering around 7.5.

    The reason for writing is to see if you would be interested in reviewing the movie for consideration in your lists and for your web- site audience.

    it’s also interesting to hear of your tv series – which I am presuming you have written yourself. As a writer of 7 screenplays myself I know how hard that process is… so best of luck with that!

    For reference sake our website is and our imdb profile

    Should you have any queries regarding anything above please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind regards

    Tim Lea

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